Petty affairs

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We take petty affairs quite seriously. We believe that your lovelies are social souls and seek attention and love with their endearing purrs and wagging of tails. Every ensemble at Petriot is created for the ultimate comfort of your pets and reflects their chic attitude at every glance.
Petriot is not for mere pets; they’re exclusively crafted for four-pawed fashionistas.

Unique ideas

Pet Couture

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The ramps of Paris and London are revered for their catwalks. We handpick styles and cuts inspired from the international designers and give your pet a crisp and sophisticated look. Something the models would genuinely aspire.


Amidst the purrs and growls

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The satisfactory meows and beguiling eyes of your pet are a testimony of the cut, fit, feel, texture, stitch and every other element of the apparel. We sense every minute detail of each piece before it comes an inch closer to your loved ones.

Shachi Mehta

Pet Stylist & a Cat Parent

Lives and breathes on their love and care.

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